Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My fanart #3 Poster ~ K-Idol

My K-Idol Poster

1. Yesung
I dedicated this poster for my endless bias Yesungie :D. I'll be waiting for your return to the shapire blue stage again sungiee kkk~


2. Lee Min Ho, EXO K Chanyeol, Park Shin Hye
Whenever i look at EXO K Chanyeol, he always reminds me to Lee Min Ho, he's like a younger brother of Minho >_<,, So, i made this poster while imagine Chanyeol as Lee Min Ho younger brother who fell in love to Minho best friend Shin Hye. In other side Minho and ShinHye fallin love each other, but they ignore they feeling  because of they don't want to broke their friendship..

3. Bang Sung Joon, Park Shin Hye
I'm so in love with Sung Joon voice in Jaywalking (Flower Boyband OST). This poster created based on Jaywalking song. Just imagine when Sungjoon sing the song for he's girlfriend, Yay it's so romantic :")

4. Kyuhyun and Park Shin Hye
After read fanfiction about Kyuhyun and Park Shin Hye i immediately love this couple, they so cute. I wanna make FF about them too, but i'm really bad in writing -__- So i decide to just make the poster, this poster tells about they first meet in airport

5. Kyuhyun Shinhye couple again :)

Really Big Thanks to :
- Kim Jong Woon
- Park Shin Hye
- Lee Min Ho
- Park Chanyeol
- Cho Kyuhyun
- Bang Sung Joon
- All who have that font, brush, background picture, clipart, style, .....  

*sorry 4 the typo :")
*please take out with full credit

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My fanart #2 Poster ~ Heirs (Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye new drama)

K-Drama Heirs Poster

Baru belajar buat poster sendiri pake photoshop, and because i'm a fans of PSH jadi aku buatin poster drama "Heirs" yang akan dibintangi Park Shin Hye dan Lee Min Ho (rencananya tayang pada bulan oktober di SBS), here they are :")

Really really Big Thanks to :
- Park Shin Hye
- Lee Min Ho
- All who have that font, brush, background picture, clipart, style, ..... 

*please take out with full credit

My fanart #1 ~ mY 1st Poster

Gak nyambung sih sebetulnya ekspresi shinhye yang tersenyum sama ekspresi joongki yang so cool kkkk