Saturday, December 3, 2011

Best Korean Drama

Top 21 Korean Drama (My Version)

1.  The Princess Man
2.  Endless Love
3.  Full House
4.  The Heirs
5. Dream High
6. 49 Days
7. Jewel In The Palace
8.  You're Beautiful
9.  I'm Sorry I Love You
10.  It's Ok Daddy Girl
11. Cain and Abel
12. My Girlfriend is Gumiho
13. Fashion 70's
14. Sassy Girl Chunhyang
15. Memories Of Bali
16. Wedding
17. Vineyard Man
18. Thank You
19. Pasta
20. The Greatest Love
21. Tamra The Island

Best Korean Male Singer

Top 10 Korean Male Singer

1. Yesung [SuJu]
My Favorite Song : It Has To Be You, For One Days, I am Behind You (ft Jang Hye Jin)

2. Kyuhyun [SuJu] 
My Favorite Song : Hope Is a Dream That Doesn't Sleep, Inoo (Edge of Rain), Smile

3. Choi Hyun Joon [V.O.S]
My Favorite Song : Foolish Love (Cain & Abel OST)

4. Just
My Favorite Song : Poison (Bad Love OST), Anything (Lie To Me OST)

5. Park Hyo Shin
My Favorite Song : Snow Flower (I'm Sorry I Love You OST)

6. Howl
My Favorite Song : Fate [Cain and Abel OST]

7. K. Will
My Favorite Song : My Heart Is Beating, Real Love Song (The Greatest Love OST)

8. Lee Seung Chul
My Favorite Song : No One Else, Can You Hear Me

9. Jung Yeop [Brown Eyed Soul]
My Favorite Song : There was nothing (49 days OST)

10. Wheesung
My Favorite Song : Heart Aching Story (ft B2ST JunHyung), Insomnia

Best Korean Female Singer

Top 10 Korean Female Singer (My Version)

1.  Lim Jeong Hee (J.Lim)
My Favorite Song : No Real Sense, Golden Lady

2.  Baek Ji Young
My Favorite Song : That Woman (Secret Garden OST), Im Loving You Today (The Princess Man OST)

3.  Taeyeon SNSD
My Favorite Song : I Love You, Missing You Like Crazy (King 2 Hearts OST)

4.  IU
My Favorite Song : Cruel fairy tale, Someday, Boo, Marshmallow

5.  Jang Hye Jin
My Favorite Song : Goodbye Sadness, and Painful Breakup [Cain and Abel OST], I'm Behind You

6.  Lee Sun Hee
My Favorite Song : Fox Rain (Gumiho OST), Fate (The King & Clown OST)

7.  Kang Min Kyung Davichi
My Favorite Song : You Wouldn't Know, With a heart that must forget, and Two Of Us [Immortal Song]

8.  Ali
My Favorite Song : Hurt (Rooftop Prince OST)

9.  Lyn
My Favorite Song : Two As One Love Them, Back In Time (The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST)

10. Park Ji Min
My Favorite Song : Goose Dream, Over The Rainbow

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top Korean Girlband

 TOP 10 Korean Girlband (My Version)
1. Miss A
♫ My Favorite Song : Love Again, Step Up, GoodBye Baby, Over U, Bad Girl Good Girl, Ma Style

2. T-ara
♫ My Favorite Song : Lovey Dovey, Cry Cry, Why Are You Being Like This, Don't Leave

3. Girls Generation/SNSD
♫ My Favorite Song : Chocolate Love, Genie, Lazy Girl, Mr. Taxi, Gee, Flower Power
4. 2NE1
♫ My Favorite Song : I'm The Best, Fire 

5. Wonder Girls
♫ My Favorite Song : So Hot, Different Tears, Irony,
6. 4 Minutes
♫ My Favorite Song : Hot Issue, I My Me Mine, Volume Up, Without You
7. Sistar
♫ My Favorite Song : Alone, Give it to Me, So Cool, how dare you

8. Sunny Hill
♫ My Favorite Song : Pray, You Dont Know, Pit-A-Pat [The Greatest Love OST]

9. A Pink
♫ My Favorite Song : My My, PLease Lets Us Just Love (Protect The Bost OST),  It Girl

10. Orange Caramel (After School sub unit)
♫ My Favorite Song : Lipstick, Magic Girl